There are so many situations in which we have to make changes or cancel the confirmed booking depending on the environmental or political changes. Although we try our level to avoid the changes or cancellations, so we have all the right to do it at anytime. Occasionally we have to make “Important Change” which is the change that is done before your departure, in conformity of the information that is shared by you at the time of booking your travel, according to that data; your confirmed travel has some dominant effect.

You will be informed in advance when any changes are made by us. If airlines confirms then we will be offering you some options like other date or routing and other options on same cost as well as standard.

You will be receiving full refund from us on your cancellation or cancelling but this depends on airlines, if they permit us to refund you the full amount.

Note: The changes or modifications specified above does not consider at the time of minor changes.

At the time when airline make any changes or do any cancellation which is certainly not under the control of Tripfur and whose results are unavoidable even with all the care. In these circumstances, we are not going to provide any compensation or take any responsibilities of options mentioned above.

In the case of reimbursement, we can talk to airlines on your behave and request them to offer you some compensation. But we cannot take any responsibilities or guarantee regarding the refund and compensations as it totally depends on airlines.We are nowhere responsible for the compensations mentioned above in the case of your failure to put up with all the requirements needed by us at the time of booking like paying on time.

Cancellations and alternation deducible to you

If it is specially mentioned that the booking of airline tickets and vacation packages are refundable then only you are going to get a refund at the time of cancellation. Every cancellation is to be done on phone calls only, as all the compensations are controlled in a format which is already set. Once the cancellation request is submitted by you, after that you are going to receive a notification via email to acknowledge your request. This email is only for notifying you that we have receives your cancellation request but it doesn’t qualify you for a refund. Depending on the fare rules we have to coordinate with the airlines and other connected suppliers to make a waiver and forward your refund request, if incase fare rules permit us.

Once the cancellation request is initiated it generally takes around 21-25 days for the amount to be reflected on to your card.

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